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Lilly and the 



2020-11 Lilly and the Henderson

July 2, 2018

Hi Wendy,
Just wanted to give you a quick Hello 😉.  We want to thank u again for my puppy.  He is amazing, quick, funny and has a sense of four year old male cat Ziggy is also happy again, he brings toys to him and nap together then chase.

Nikee will retrieve toys by name (ball, duckie) almost housebroken, his only hang up is carsickness. I am sure he will outgrow this.

All vet checks perfect so was he when we went, he was so calm just a happy camper.  He kennels very well when we leave.

I have owned and helped raise and train numerous dogs and puppy’s, he above and beyond the best. He can be so cool and laid back.
The other word to describe him  is “Joyous” This shows great breading.  Thank you for all your years of work to produce a dog of this caliber and allowing me to buy him. 🤗

Have a lovely Summer,


new puppy

arrives home!

June 18, 2018

I recently purchased a Havanese puppy from Wendy at Horizon Kennels of Idaho. From the moment I provided my deposit it was a wonderful experience. Not only do I have an incredible adorable puppy but as I was waiting for her to be 12 weeks, I received pictures and videos of her as often as I asked. Wendy does what a quality breeder would do and that is she keeps her pups until they are 12 weeks. My girl arrived with her shot records, a bag of food, play pen, toys, dog bowls, a blanket and a dog brush. This was completely unexpected and appreciated. The quality of the dog is amazing. She has beautiful markings and her temperament is sweet and calm. I cannot day enough about my experience with Horizon Kennels of Idaho. If you are looking for a quality dog and a fantastic experience, please contact them. I give them a 5/5!


Erik and his

new puppy





All of these boys

are thrilled

with their

new puppy.  

How much fun is

this puppy

going to have?

Hi Wendy,

Minnie will turn one year tomorrow and I wanted you to know what a wonderful little puppy she is.  She is beautiful, playful, cheerful and so much fun.  She is a great little companion.  We traveled to Florida in June and are going again next week.  She is a good traveler.  I recommend Havanese puppies to everyone I meet.  She is such a sweet little friend and I love her dearly.  Thank you so much for talking me into getter her.

I hope all is well with you and all of your puppies.

My best

Rosemary Burns

Idaho Falls

Horizons Kennel Idaho puppy


Lucky and his mom

just graduated from training school  ...

they live in Spokane, WA 

We love

our puppy


Hi Wendy,

Today is Jamaica's birthday.  Just thought I would give you an update.  She is doing well and has a very good life.  She is the center of the universe!  She weights in at 13 pounds and is very energetic and playful.  She is well liked by family and friends and is a hit with all our neighbors.  One neighbor asked if she could please watch her when we left town for a week.  She loves being with other dogs.  She loves obedience class and is a super student, as she is exceptionally smart.  Not just my opinion; the trainer said it.  She adores my mother who has late stage Alzheimer's.  We may end up going the Therapy Dog route.  She is so sweet!  I hope you enjoy the pictures. 

Kind regards, Kelli

Wendy, thank you so much for surprising Heidi at the airport with Wilson. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Heidi’s mom’s house. Wilson played so well with his half brother, Buster. Wilson got to play with a couple of other family/friend’s dogs and he played so well with them. He’s the sweetest dog. Everyone loves him. He flew from Spokane to Atlanta extremely well. We took him to the vet this morning and they gave him his kennel cough vaccination and a ringworm/flea pill. The folks at the vet had nothing but wonderful things to say about him and how sweet and healthy he is. They also noted that we were on top of all his shots/vaccinations, thanks to you. We’re very happy with the vet. He’s a recommendation from someone else who spoils her dog to death.

Wilson’s getting adjusted to his new home in Atlanta. We’re working on the potty training/crate training. He certainly hates being in his crate right now, but we are hoping he will become more comfortable with it. We of course try to keep him in it as little as possible.

We could not be more happy with him. He is smart and cute and has the best temperament. We will send you pictures soon and will stay in touch. Thanks again so much for bringing Wilson into our lives. We love him very much!

Best regards,    Anthony & Heidi

Dear Wendy,

I thought I'd drop you a note to let you know how Remington is doing.  First of all - the name Jasper stuck and he seems to already know his new name.  He spent his first 10 days up at Priest Lake and did great in the trailer and and took a boat ride through the Thorofare.  Since day one, he slept through the night.  After a few days in Hayden, we headed home to Bellingham, a long 9 hours.  He was a great traveler.

Jasper claimed his new house, has tons of energy, and really gives our little Cooper a run for his money.  He steals Cooper's toys right out of his mouth.  He's a little dog with a lot of confidence, happy to explore any new situation fearlessly and loves everybody.  When I took him to the vet this week, she was very impressed with his outgoing temperament and was in excellent health.

Thank you for my new friend.



(written by a child and decorated beautifully and lovingly)

Thank you for letting us have this puppy!  We will take the best care and love her so much!  We will keep you updated and send you pictures of her.

Thank you so much

— Baylee

Wendy and family,

Thank you so much for such a socialized, clean, healthy, and smart puppy!  He was beautiful from the minute we met him!  He is so special and sweet.  He did a great job last night and has immediately bonded with us.  He is well loved already.  Our other dog, Otis, is still afraid of him but getting closer to him as time progresses.  Otis is wonderful with other dogs but has never met one smaller than him!  It is pretty funny.  I am giving Otis extra special attention and the kids are taking care of the puppy's attention needs.

After much debate and consideration, we decided to take our top four names and write them on a piece of paper with a morsel of food on each one.  We let the pup down and he decided his name!  We took the first one he went to.  It was exciting and his new name is Mighty.  My youngest wanted to call him Little mighty for a nickname.  It suits him well ans he was dragging around everything yesterday including his new basket!

He seems to already know that fingers are not for biting hard.  Could that be true?  Toes on the other had are a different story!

Our family cannot thank you enough for the special care you have given these pups.  He is a fabulous boy and certainly Mighty!


Best, Anne

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