Coton de Tulear Breed Information

The Coton de Tuléar is a small breed of dog. It is named for the city of Tuléar in Madagascar and its cotton textured coat.  Coton de Tulear  come from the Bichon family.
   They are not afraid of children and make great family pets.  The puppies are both endearing, charming, and light hearted. Cotons are highly intelligent, love to play games and love their families. They can be clownish and love to twirl and dance.  Cotons pat their paws on the floor and perform humorous antics.  They are like a big dog in a small body.
Cotons, specifically, are:
cheerful and charming (known as the anti-depressant dog)
calm and yet very confident
celebrate your homecoming after separations
exude happiness and harmony
even though they love you to pieces, they have an independent spirit
The Coton's weight ranges from about 9 to 13 lbs for males and 8 to 11 lbs for females.
The Coton's height (including tolerance) is about 10 to 12 inches tall for males and about 8½ to 10½ inches for females.
Coton's mainly come as all white dogs but sometimes come with other colors also.
Coton de Tulear dogs have sturdy, little bodies.  They have hair, not fur, are non-shedding and hypo-allergenic with little pet dander, and are odorless.  Known for their light, cotton like coats; their coats are usually straight or slightly wavy.  Cotons almost look like a miniature sheep dog, peeking at you with their dark beautiful eyes from under their long bangs.
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